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Adwanted UK has a long history of innovation in the audio sector

Trading System

Adwanted UK built the first automated trading system for UK media, J-ET, on behalf of the IPA and the Radiocentre in 1998, long before programmatic and big data were industry buzzwords. Since then we’ve expanded to include order approval, finance system links, integrated instant messaging, copy instruction management and will be launching JEX shortly. The cloud based system and features can easily be applied to other types of media.

  • Processed 3.5 trillion impacts
  • Handles 90% of all national radio advertising
  • Over 10,000 users
  • Over 40 API methods

Audio Delivery

Adwanted UK launched Audiotrack - a dedicated audio distribution service powered by J-ET - to make copy admin and audio distribution for audio advertising even easier. We partnered with Peach to bring the benefit of the combined experience, technologies and relationships of both organisations to the industry.

From large-scale datasets to smaller bespoke solutions, Adwanted UK has the experience and toolset to ingest and process data with greater efficiency and accuracy. We created a RAJAR data engine that facilitates exceptionally fast reach and frequency reporting. It regularly manages requests that require several million records to be processed including queries on population, sample size, total hours, impacts, reach, schedule impacts and schedule reach.

We have developed sophisticated API solutions for media owners and agencies. These can be used for transactional processing, reach and frequency calculations, aggregating granular level data, finance, attribution and audio clearance.

We have over 30 years’ experience hosting and managing high performance, complex and demanding data-intensive websites, establishing a technical environment to ensure you can trust your web solution to us.

The industry had been waiting for some time for something like this. The dashboard is a great tool, helping us to manage our time. The Audiotrack team are simply amazing. Helpful, friendly, doing all they can to ensure smooth running of our radio campaigns
- adam&eveDDB