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Where would radio be without J-ET today?

A question Douglas McArthur, Chairman of UKOM, asked recently when J-ET celebrated its 18 year anniversary. J-ET, the radio industry's trading system, was actually the very first industry trading system, long before programmatic was in everyone's vocabulary; and it still leads the way.

J-ET was originally developed in order to deliver increased single-source Post-Campaign Accountability, make radio easier to buy and sell and to increase share of spend. In doing so, it has removed accounts queries from radio and it provides detailed and immediately usable reconciliation data for campaigns where none previously existed.

For the last eighteen years Adwanted UK has run J-ET, which handles over 90% of all national radio advertising. It has brought genuine ROI to the radio industry year after year and continues to be supported around the clock by Adwanted UK's highly rated client service team.

It has a regular user base of about 600 buyers and sellers - J-ET's client list includes all the major radio groups in London, Manchester and Scotland plus the leading media agencies in each region.

What J-ET provides:

  • Centralised campaign data for analysis and reporting; unique campaign identifier (JCN)
  • Extensive reporting functionality providing post campaign analysis by spot, day, week, day part, reach, ratings and more by single or multiple campaign/brand/client
  • Transfer of plans, proposals and bookings directly between J-ET and your planning system
  • Integrated link to Finance systems (e.g. Media Ocean, Sage)
  • Copy Instructions delivery system to creative agencies increasing
  • Mobile version so keep in touch wherever you go
  • Increased speed and efficiency of trading and comms
  • Reduction in duplication and human error
  • Electronic audit trail (Incl. Order Approval) including all communications by campaign
  • Reduction of post-campaign enquiries for both parties.
  • Provision of data for RadioGauge, the award winning, ongoing radio advertising measurement tool.

"Why do you hear so little about J-ET in the news? The short answer to that is because it works - it runs quietly, efficiently and very cost effectively in the background. That's a testament to the JICRIT and Adwanted UK teams." - Lynne Robinson, Research Director, IPA

"J-ET is an invaluable resource that allows us to seamlessly implement, track and evaluate all of our radio activity. J-ET saves us a considerable amount of time and resource on our previous trading practices." - Group Insight Director, Havas

"J-ET is a simple to use application that provides agencies with a simple yet effective way to trade with the sales houses. In addition, the functionality allows greater transparency by enabling agencies to analysis data at spot, campaign and group level. The system in short, means proposals / bookings are no longer lost, PCA's are delivered on time and endless hours are saved." - Head of Radio, Initiative

How J-ET arrived at exactly the right time for commercial radio

For more information please contact: Ben Knowles, J-ET Client Services Manager, on