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Experts in data science, website applications and API development

Data Science

From large-scale datasets to smaller bespoke solutions, Adwanted UK has the experience and toolset to ingest and process data with great efficiency and accuracy. We created a data engine, which is used by RAJAR as it facilitates exceptionally fast reporting. There are also no restrictions on the amount of data that can be handled and it regularly manages requests that require over one million records to be processed.

Application Development

We made media history with the J-ET radio automated trading system and have developed a suite of web-based applications such as SPACE to support the media industry. Our expertise means we can help analyse requirements, build and deliver your solution enabling you to process and analyse high levels of data easily and cost-effectively.

We have developed sophisticated API solutions as well as delivering data through web endpoints to ensure your data gets where it needs to be. Our clients include Newsworks, Gorkana, Precise and Bauer.

Our team's skills not only make your data look good, but ensure it is represented in a way that makes it most useful to its readership. This includes charting, tabulation, infographics – presented through the right medium for you. We've applied this to client sites such as BARB as well as our own Adwanted Connected platform.

With over 30 years' experience of hosting and managing high performance, complex and data-intensive websites, we've established a technical environment and processes to ensure you can trust your web solution to us.

Adwanted UK have managed the RAJAR data and website access for over 20 years, and have not just met our expectations, but have consistently exceeded them, they are a beacon of excellence and I cannot commend them highly enough.
— Paul Kennedy, Research Director, RAJAR

Experts in data science, website applications and API development Adwanted UK enable companies to improve their business prospects and increase profitability.

Clients include: