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The Publishers Audience Measurement Company (PAMCo), is the governing body which oversees audience measurement for the published media industry. They are responsible for the new joint industry currency (JIC) called PAMCo – Audience Measurement for Publishers in place of NRS data.

PAMCo’s funding stakeholders are News Media Association (NMA – representing Newsbrands), Professional Publishers Association (PPA – Magazine Media) and the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (IPA – Advertising Agencies). The board also has representation from The Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA), and a research specialist, currently their research partner, Ipsos MORI.

PAMCo releases data on a quarterly basis.

PAMCo Periods:

PAMCo 4 2022 June ’21 – Sept ‘22 (Sept ‘ 22 Ipsos iris data) embargoed until 00:01 11th January 2023

*Please note: PAMCo Bridge datasets are a blend of data collected with a face-to-face methodology pre-Covid and data collected with an ‘online first’ methodology since Covid restrictions were lifted. Due to the different methodologies, the PAMCo Board have mandated that PAMCo Bridge data should not be compared with previous periods of PAMCo data.