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Advertising and Partnerships

Adwanted UK is the UK’s leading provider of media tech, data and thought-leadership. With decades of experience in every aspect of media we are connected to all the key players.

We have a network of 30,000+ people that regularly engage with us through Adwanted Connected, J-ET, Audiotrack, Adwanted Events and The Media Leader.

Adwanted UK delivers unparalleled reach and influence across the media industry and beyond, including the top UK media agencies. Our events are attended by senior audiences and our subscribers account for 94.1% of the top 50 agencies’ media spend - £10.2 billion of annual advertising revenue.

There are a number of advertising and partnership opportunities across The Media Leader, Adwanted Events and Adwanted Connected.

Contact Katrina Coyne on or Kat Hendry on to discuss Adwanted Events partnerships and News advertising opportunities.

Contact Gareth Coe on for more information on Adwanted Connected.